Hello!  I am a second year student at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, while also living in England and Australia short term.

For high school, I attended Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12, a creative and performing arts high school.  I studied musical theatre and was involved in many different kinds of performance art.  While I do not want to do theater professional, I recognize that theater is used as a way for people to express themselves and to use it to cope and even heal from trauma or other issues.  This led me to explore other means of expression used for therapy like art, music, yoga, and meditation.

I am majoring in Global Health Studies and minoring in Community and Justice Studies, with the class of 2019.   While these subjects are very broad, I have had an incredible journey finding my niche in the past 2 years.  Recently, my main area of focus within my work has been women’s health, including menstrual hygiene, sexual and reproductive health, specifically in relation to refugees and the homeless population.   I aspire to be an advocate for these specific groups of people who are so often overlooked.  I believe that working and playing with children and youth is very important and they are worth investing in so that they are able to feel empowered and equipped to do what they want.   I hope to pursue a career working alongside these populations to assist in coping, healing, and thriving processes that many of these people go through, whether that be done through yoga, meditation, education on sexual health, or similar processes.