Presenting on the barriers to menstrual health at the Global Health Poster Symposium

My recent research has included studying menstrual hygiene, specifically among refugees.  There is very little information and data available on the subject.  My goal in doing this research is to bring more awareness about menstruation health , as well as advocate against the Tampon Tax, mandate that any emergency kit include menstrual products, and demand that women should no longer have to miss school because they are on their period.  Having access to menstrual products of any kind is a basic human right that should not continue to be ignored.

The main focus in the bulk of my research is on refugees, especially focusing on what their lives are like after making it to the United States and the hoops that they continually have to jump through to find stability and safety.  I have had the privilege of volunteering at Vive La Casa, which you can read more about in my third Reading Reflection post.